SummerHaus* Fall News


“It has been a dream of mine to combine my love of vintage and antique collecting, furniture building, home decor and art making of all kinds. I started out my creative career as a graphic designer and illustrator developing illustrations and brand concepts and quickly moved my interests and experiences into fine art.

I am endlessly inspired by traveling, enjoying nature, architecture, vintage and modern art and large scale public art works. It seemed only natural for me to bring all of my loves together here.” To see my original oil paintings inspired by nature, click here

SummerHaus* is filled with those warm and wonderful memories of summers at the beach, lake house or the charming little cabin in the woods.  Sitting on the front porch sharing stories and sorting through the days collection of shells.  Wrapped in an over sized easy chair enjoying sips of homemade lemonade. Friends and family gather for clam bakes on the beach. Sandy flip flops left on the front porch for another adventure tomorrow.

I am located in Winter Park/Orlando, Fl but travel all over the state and the southeast looking for more treasures to love and share. Keep checking back often as I am always creating something new.

You can reach me anytime by phone at 407-718-5245 or email at Let me know if you see something you like, to request measurements, how to arrange for delivery/pick up or payment options

One thought on “SummerHaus* Fall News

  1. Hi Martha, your site is spectacular, as is your art. Wow, it really looks great. Hope you are living well and all good luck and best wishes to you and your family.

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